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I am here to share with the dear souls who are wondering where my creativity stems from. Been meaning to share my process and what drives me for a while, but being a mother of two precious boys who keep me very occupied and working to live as consciously as I can in this world of struggle makes it challenging to focus on my art, but here I am to share share with you. Actually I would like to say, I know everyone works hard for their music, but I definitely have to make it clear that the fact that I am able to produce this music is a miracle and I know that a higher spirit flows through me to make it happen because in the natural world, there just is no-time. Many of the compositions Ive channeled seem to me like they should have taken weeks to create, but leave me shocked in observation as they flow through in one night. My sweet little Menelik is only 6 yrs young and Gyasi my amazing ever growing teen both require a lot of attention and there many interruptions to my creative flow. But my patience and tolerance and commitment to being in the moment when I can, bring about miracles and positive karma. For that I am in ever reverence, for music being a channel for the divine and I keep myself open for whatever energy is knocking on the door of my soul to pass through.

Here at Akashic Mountain Studio… the sound healing broadcasting station is set atop a high mountain in mystical golden hills near Sedona. The studio is eye temple thats charged with energetic tools of light and blessed with the sounds of red tail hawks by day and symphonies of coyotes and crickets by night :) Enjoyin being in the clouds, for it feels the message reaches farther into the ethers here. Having had a life of constant struggle / hard work, by the grace of the Universe, we have been blessed to create in a space of beauty and abundance… valueing what truly important in life, communion with the Divine. So I take my mission seriously, remaining far removed as a nun in a far away Nepalese Monestary ;) A bit of a spiritual recluse I Am… but it keeps me clear so I can be a vessel to emanate the heart and soul of the Supreme Omnipresence in all I do…

I’m going to back track through my tumblr to give a ” behind the scenes ” explanation of the spiritual process of my compositions. This will take a little time but Im excited about it because for all my songs there is a deep story that ties into them and or created them.

A special process behind my work is what I call ” astral composing “.

It is when I am immersed in spirit and after doing certain spiritual processes I open my soul as a receptor of vibration and divine frequency. I do believe that many artist do this inadvertently and dont even know it. It is a blessing when it happens and one is usually rewarded with a sound that seems beyond their ” normal ” capabilities “. Not one song I have composed is planned or conceptualized. As I have said before, I feel like ” I know nothing ” and I approach any instruments virtual or acoustic with the innocence and blissfull ignorance of a child at heart. I have given thought to ” studying ” but theres no excitement in that for me. I love the ” happy accidents ” that happen from exploration, even times its frustrating, theres magic in the friction. I feel that is the true meaning behind experimental music.Everything I record is an in the moment improvisation and I have learned that ” trying to go back and capture it better ” turns out, will not be in my process because being in the moment is the truth, and my being has a clear mission of creating modern ragas in this fashion so I have come to accept that there is so much Divinity and exploration in the element of spontaneous imperfection. And so I create in humility and wonder, not concerned with critique or fitting in to any scene or genre. Whoever hears the music I make and loves it, is meant for that particular healing. And Im so thankfull that I can provide some moments of upliftment, reprieve or mind expanding energy for my listeners.

Ini named the studio  ” Akashic Mountain Studio ” sound temple because I do believe we are in tune with the Akashic Records. I am open to these transmissions from the Divine… for the scrolls are written from the Word is Jah… the breath.. word sound vibration… and it is important to re create attunement to divine communication. I believe for many reasons, some of them being my faith in Source, Divinity of Creation, spiritual processes that this practice for attuning to the Note of the Creator Iis made available through being concious of our diet focusing on life nrg and food prepared with Love, the environment we are blessed with free of too much electromagnetic  man made negative frequencies, keeping our auras shielded by not watching tv and being cautious of what we take in whether in the material or energetic planes of existence. Growing up in a life of tribulation in the city… some how by the Divine Lords grace ini have found a way into attaining harmony closer to Mother Divine.

" The akashic records, - akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether" and is described as containing all knowledge of human experience and all experiences as well as the history of the cosmos encoded or written in the very aether or fabric of all existence. The records or The Book of Life in the Bible (Psalm 69:28, Philippians 4:3, Revelation 3:5, 13:8, 17:8, 20:12, 20:15 and Revelation 21:27) are metaphorically on a non-physical plane described as a library; other analogies commonly found in discourse on the subject include a “universal supercomputer" and the "Mind of God". People who describe the records assert that they are constantly updated automatically and that they can be accessed through astral projection or under deep hypnosis. ” Wikipedia. This is where we dwell.

Speaking of experience, many of my compositions actually start out with me needing to go into astral composing as therapy to help me get through some of life’s uncomfortable challenges. I live vicariously through my sounds, freeing myself through them. Many songs like:  ” Durga Datura Demon Slayer ” which I will expound on in detail later, came from an experience I went through that was very hurtfull and so I embodied in my mind’s eye, the power of a demon killing deity to fight through the illusions and overcome the oppressors that were creating disharmony and pain at that moment in my life.

Another aspect to my creative process is what I call ” photo composing “. I am also a photographer and I delight in capturing magical moments of life. I am an organic farmer as well so I take many pictures of plants, flowers, and natural living beings. Sometimes there will be an experience I capture through my camera that inspires a whole musical story from the feelings that come about from that experience. For example, ” Return of the Fledgeling ” was actually a musical account of me interpreting the fright and desperation I felt from a fledgling that I rescued from under the deck of the studio. None of the tracks were intentional but somehow upon listening one can hear  a synth that emotionally cries through the song in a sonic fluster that is unmistakably the spirit of that baby bird. I will tell the whole story about that later because it is a series of two songs and a whole lot of pictures of baby bird rescues. The other is called:         ” Baby Bird Hero ” which was the song that came from the other birdie I saved.

There is most definitely a responsibility to being an ambassador to awareness for the environment in my work and even though I am a singer, I enjoy expressing this through feeling and images many times as in:

" Theyre Spraying Fake Snow " and " Chamomile For Chemtrails Tulsi For Barium ". All my artwork are created from my own photography and processing and it is all very personal to me. I love to share in this way so my listeners can delve deeper into the experience that brought life to the songs and my deepest inner most feelings.

I keep a variety of spiritually charged stones and gems in the moon lab here at Akashic, I call them ” the oracles “. And many of them I hold in my hand while composing or gaze through when needing a metaphysical push through the heaviness of the mental work it takes to mix my tracks. I do much nrg cleansing through the use of flower waters, partaking of sacred smokes ( I grow sacred white sage from seed and is my spirit plant ) and burn an alchemical potion of resins very often. These are all contributing factors to the essence behind my sounds. Many times I close my eyes and just allow the current of potentiality flow through me, many times go on a far away journey unlocking doors and dimensions through sound, gathering insight and being dropped off here amongst the equipment and pictures of Ganesh, Laksmi and Durga. In wonder, I start mixing down the tracks that came from the astral composing with the help of yerba mate tea or I have no shame for my coffee addiction for I am full blooded Cuban. :) I have to have some way of coming back down to the earth plane!

There is another energy behind my sound, my roots. I am born of both parents from Havana Cuba. And my granma and all her people are from Pinar Del Rio which is a farming district in the country where the natives thrived as an agricultural society.  So it turns out music and farming is my life, and inadvertently food being such a big part of the culture so then I became aware of my health at a young age, and turned into professional vegan and raw foods chef ( 13 yrs now ). That explains alot about me. My attraction to indigenous and roots rhythms that are hypnotic and or you can feel the heartbeat in definitely drives my tempo. Nevertheless, I grew up with the sounds of Cuba: soul full singing about oppression and or love, infectious rhythms, horn sections and spanish guitar were the background of my life as a kid. Growing up because of my older hippie siblings I was jammin to Fleet Wood Mac, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin and The Doors. Later in my teens I was introduced to Rastafari at a young age and the livity that it provided my souls development was a great blessing in my life. It gave me a lifestyle of harmony and respect to stand with as a teen and led me to be a very open minded yet grounded and natural person as an adult. No doubt, my spirit was influenced by the sounds and meditations of Bob Marley, The Congos, Lee Scratch Perry and Mad Professor, Augustus Pablo and High Mundel, The Mighty Diamonds, Isreal Vibrations, Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, The Gladiators, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Burning Spear and Culture to name a few. Later on, Dezarie, Midnite, Sizzla, and Queen Ifrika was bumpin in my speakers and moving my soul. But I also was very fond of world music like music from Mali and middle eastern music. Some of my favorite vocalist back in the day were Tracy Chapman, Tori Amos and Stevie Wonder, and still are.

So I will end this here since I have a lot of work to do to share the spiritual process behind all the tunes I released in 2012.

But in essence the main energetic contributors to my music are: the ever-flowing currents of potentiality, reverence for Life: my children, my love, my plants, the planets that move me, pachamama mother Earth, the magical unexpected moments, my roots, intrigue with exploration, high vibrational food, the stone oracles and their whispers, violet water, frankincense and myrrh, cultivating white sage and cleansing with its sacred smoke, prayers, travels in spiritual learning, faith, sacred mountain temples and the Akashic Records.

Hope you have enjoyed the sharing of my thoughts, stay tuned.

Sending infinite love and light to all,

Moon Reflecting

Menelik One Playing Out of Tune Hand Harp


Menelik’s Yoga Practice….

my son Menelik One is my spiritual teacher <3


Silence by Moon Reflecting

one of my older tunes, njoy this homemade vid <3


Moon and Shama not breaking and entering


check out : Akashic Mountain Therimin Sound Test : i’m testing out this newborn baby therimin Shiro built…. sound like theres an indigenous man chanting in it :)


I miss growing Tulasi… I will soon again plant and nurture seeds of this holy plant for medicine.  Tulasi or Holy Basil is a sacred plant for Hindus and is worshiped as the avatar of goddess Lakshmi. It is a divine plant which when either grown, ingested as tea or even just to be in its presence and in tune with its fragrant scent, is said to bestow unconditional compassion. The whole plant has many health benefits and it one of the most revered herbs in Ayurveda.

My experience growing tulasi has been very special, there are friends whom have felt depression and anxiety I would encourage to tend to the tulasi field and prune the flowers that would when finished explain how the intoxicating fragrance and just touching the plant uplifted the emotional burden, even one friend explained rubbing the flower buds made her feel   ” high “……. in my recent studies I found out that tulasi is radio-protective. One of my biggest dreams is to grow a tulasi in the tropics that would get so mature and big that i could harvest it to make japa malas for meditation…

om peace love and light to all:::::)))) moon

((( to give is to receive, to receive is to give )))

Snow Nebula by Moon ::::::: part 2

a cosmos i found down the road

i feel i was transported into another paradigm, not sure if i was lifted into the cosmos or the cosmos was transported to me….but i froze my tush off to capture these photos… njoy the stellar journey

Snow Nebula by Moon ::::::: part 1

a cosmos i found down the road

Good Morning from Akashic Mountain Studio sound kitchen ~ * ~

high vibrational vegan ital of the day >

chef moon’s dino kale tumeric tofu scrambler on wheat-free spinach tortilla w/ spring greens ( Menelik asked for a blue corn tortilla and a side of greens topped w/ cassava root ) ! <3

Njoy this tune I wrote 4 Frost Moon that just passed. It’s a celestial petition, a concern 4 mankind, 2 Jupiter’s Moon

The much anticipated collaboration between my 13 yr old son, Gyasi and I!
Njoy the love light! free download